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Happy Movember!

It's that time of year again! During the month of November we will be raising money through the Movember Foundation to go towards research, education, and outreach programs to support a variety of men's health issues, including:

For a $25 donation, you can score yourself a dozen, delicious, homemade cookies (your choice of chocolate chip, peanut butter, or sugar).

For a $50 donation, you can select either a homemade pumpkin pie or a cheesecake!

For a $100 donation, you can get a homemade 2-layer cake with a handsome mustache made of icing! You can choose the cake flavor (chocolate, vanilla, or whatever suits your palate) and type/flavor of icing (buttercream, cream cheese, or whatever else you might think of).

If you would like to donate, you can visit my Movember page below, then just shoot me an email and let me know what kind of cookies you would like!

To date, you have helped me raise $525 for men's health issues! Great job!





Check out my Mo'!

Day 0

Beard is ready for blast off to make way for the mustache!

Day 1

Our morning oatmeal is better in pajamas and a mustache.

Day 2

Even a ridiculous mustache loves playing with Lego.

Day 3

Day 4

Meeting with the awesome, generous folks at Studio KDA!

Day 5

Even mustaches need to eat their carrots. Yum Yum!

Day 6

Does my mustache know the 4-way test by heart?

Day 7

Time to hop on a roof and check out some conduit!

Day 8

Drafting some Magic: The Gathering with my Mo'

Day 9

Time to bake and deliver some yummy cookies!

Day 10

Applesauce is very messy with a mustache...

Day 11

An adorable dinosaur attacks my mustache with kindness!

Day 12

Mom's away, so time for a pajama party and silliness!

Day 13

My daughter gets a milk mustache to match!

Day 14

Date night in the city for my Amanda and my Mo'!

Day 15

Putting the finishing touches on a birthday cake!

Day 16

Time to eat the B-day cake! Happy Birthday Amanda!

Day 17

Time for a little hair cut and a manicure for the girls.

Day 18

Is it possible for a mustache to be even sillier?

Day 19

Day 20

Time for another Rotary meeting with my cohorts!

Day 21

Bundled up and going for a ride. It's cold out there today!

Day 22

Time for some trains! The track still needs a little work.

Day 23

Checking out the giant Christmas tree at City Center!

Day 24

Ice skating? Outside? In California?!?! Mind. Blown.

Day 25

Chillin' and havin' fun with the girls at the end of the day.

Day 26

Hopping on a plane to go see the family back east!

Day 27

New toys to play with at Nana's house! Super exciting.

Day 28

Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Day 29

Making some goodies with Nana! Yummy biscuits.

Day 30

There's nothing more fun than singing in the car!

Visions of Movembers past...

2018 Movember