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Happy Movember!

During the month of November I will be raising money through the Movember Foundation to go towards research, education, and outreach programs to support a variety of men's health issues, including:

For a $20 donation, you can score yourself a dozen, delicious, homemade cookies (your choice of chocolate chip, peanut butter, or sugar) as well as weekly updates on my mustache's progress, including pictures!

For a $25 donation, you can also score a dozen, delicious, homemade cookies (again, your choice), but you don't have to suffer through weekly photos of me and my mustache. What a bargain!

If you would like to donate, you can visit my Movember page below, then just shoot me an email and let me know what kind of cookies you would like!

To date, you have helped me raise $375 for men's health issues! Great job!


Movember is over! Thank you to all who donated and helped me raise money for a good cause. Special thanks to:

  • Amanda, Olivia, Zoe, and Bunny Maino
  • Derek, Peter, and Adrienne at Point Energy
  • Tiffany and all the wonderful people at Studio KDA



Check out my Mo'!

Day 1

Gone is the beard that had graced my face. It's now a fresh canvas.

Day 2

Disaster strikes! My face is marred by the cold sting of steel.

Day 3

Taking my Mo' for a bike ride to the farmer's market!

Day 4

Today, my Mo' is not the only silly thing in our family.

Day 5

My Mo' is finally noticeable! It has arrived!

Day 6

So much majesty. How does one lip contain it all?

Day 7

Taking my Mo' to Rotary club. Service above self!

Day 8

Master planning and a protest at city hall with my Mo'!

Day 9

Taking my Mo' on BART for this Spare the Air day!

Day 10

Too much smoke so my Mo' spends the day inside.

Day 11

Time for some Magic: The Gathering with my Mo's buddies!

Day 12

Watching the most mustachioed movie ever: Tombstone!

Day 13

It's shocking how much my mustache loves electricity.

Day 14

My Mo's got some sweet baking skills. Pun intended.

Day 15

Making the cake pretty with Nutella, chocolate, and hazelnuts.

Day 16

We finally get to eat the cake! Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Day 17

My daughter gives my Mo' a makeover with some new earrings.

Day 18

Time for my Mo' to take some swimming lessons!

Day 19

Olivia and my Mo' make some chocolate chip cookies!

Day 20

Delivering some cookies to the good people at Point Energy!

Day 21

Even my coffee has a Mo' on this fine Wednesday morning.

Day 22

Happy Thanksgiving! My Mo' is Thankful to have a great family!

Day 23

My Mo' evokes strong emotions in the budding artist.

Day 24

Helping pack Oranges and Yams at the Concord Food Bank.

Day 25

My Mo' decorates the nerdiest office Christmas tree ever.

Day 28

We take my Mo' to the San Ramon tree lighting ceremony!

Day 29

Treating my Mo' to a freshly baked bagel with the girls.

Day 30

Taking the Elder Maino and his Mo' with us to see Dinosaurs!